Expectations -0 / Reality – 1



My blog has an article from a few years ago about driving, here is a “now” picture from my experience lately:

My daily commute is well, an impressive collection of miles. I travel more than twice the distance of an average American commute. The insurance cost, as you can imagine is pretty impressive too. I quite like the time I spend driving. I have rehearsed ragas I never knew I remembered, listened to audio books, felt Kishore Kumar’s pain and joy, learned from podcasts, sung with gaana.com and instilled a very Minerva thumbprint on Pandora.

It’s usually my time to think, improve and delve into the state of auto pilot driving that I have come to appreciate.

Early in the morning, I love the smell of the fresh crisp air. A glorious sunrise, clouds, rainbows, birdshit, just anything of the sort can make me marvel at the miracle of life.

I categorize the memorable people I see. These include – The head bangers, The makeup moms, the quick nappers, the fervent texters, the dolled up models, the competitive a******s, the courteous stop sign saints, the intuitive pros and the near death daredevils.

Here are a few stories from the road that took my breath away:

[will work on publishing these one at a time]

The time of the tire burst:

A tire puncture at the rate of 72 miles/hr on US 101, did quite literally take my breath away. At the time of the incident, I was driving with my window rolled down and Arijit Singh singing “Nashe si chadh gayi” in the background. I noticed a pop but didn’t realize that it was important. A few mins later, my car started wobbling and decelerating. I had the sense to slowly but surely start switching from the left most lane to the ones on the right. My blinkers were on and most people behind me could notice my very shaky car.

This was my first tire burst. And I thought that my car had reacted to me speeding. It’s a used car, so my best guess was that something in the engine snapped. The very pronounced smell, in my opinion, was not of tire rubber but that of engine components gone bad, the wobble and slight tilt, in my head was an axle malfunction.

This happened post sunset, the darkness didn’t help one bit. My uncle had instructed me to do a certain set of things when calamity struck, so I called my insurance (I am a state farm girl, and their road side assistance has time and again proven to be worth the investment). A seasoned tow truck with dazzling white lights had come to my rescue in no time. The man in the truck knew what he was doing, he was kind, prepared and very helpful. Within no time he made me and my car reach home. He also let me know within a minute of arriving at the scene that I needed to change my tire.

I don’t have pictures of this incident. I was too scared at the time and too occupied afterward (working on replacing my tires) to click any. I have new found respect for my car ever since. I also have immense gratitude for a boring day, it means everything that could have gone wrong, went very right. So now before important meetings and tests, I usually account for car malfunctions, because just like parking you just can’t abandon your car and run towards completing your deadline. (The ordeals of an adult life)Sunrise/ sunset/ waking up early and winning.

Here is a compilation of images shot on my phone. These are about the following during my time driving:

  • Sunrise/ sunset/ waking up early and winning.
  • The evening sky.
  • The roads with fog/ dew/ rain / flowers/ hail.


This image was shot at 8 pm after I came home. A typical summer sunset in California.


Early morning ~ 7 am near, before hitting the road.


A fiery sunset.


Light and shade.


Steel and blue at my workplace.




Toy town feels.


Kesari (the color of saffron)


Smoke from the city.




Rains and rainbows.


Another one.


Mist on the road!


Cherry blossoms and my car.


White and gray.

Stay tuned for images and write-ups about:

  • San Jose at night.
  • The scooby doo van and marked places. Discovering the mountain view philz!
  • The time with the car stopped in the middle of the freeway.
  • The time when I hit a car and the time when a car hit me.
  • Flooding at 101.
  • Flintstones house and telly tubby hills



3 thoughts on “Expectations -0 / Reality – 1

  1. Please – check car tire treading often. Each tire may be different and that decides when it has to be changed. General rule of thumb is every 50k miles for that tire but do check often.

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