Do you like you?

c20ad4d76fe97759aa27a0c99bff6710_1429531576*Don’t worry, this is not an emotional post about how you need to love yourself.*

  • Sometimes
  • More often than not
  • I Love me
  • Nope
  • I am undecided
  • Around some people

These are my answers. And they vary everyday. Depending on the day (On my very philosophical days I have an entire theory about the correlation of my thoughts with lunar phases but thats a different story *and you may laugh now*). A very long time ago, I had decided to always do things in a way that in hindsight harbored no regret. This was simple to do back then. But life has ceased to be black and white. It now comes with higher stakes and in shades of grey.

Richard Bash’s book called “One” is a beautifully written text on life being a stream of choices. My choice of basing decisions on the kind of choices I shall never regret seems to be a good way of living. But thats not always the case. One – I often make choices that stem from me being a little forgetful, a little impulsive, a little too honest and a little biased.

Then there are variables in play here. I am not the person I was last year. What made me happy then might not effect me now. Is there a science to sound decision making?


We try. We do the best we can. We trust a higher power sometimes. We hope for a positive outcome most of the times. We learn. Get a little more myelinated. Make mistakes. Understand where we went wrong and try agin.

And it’s okay. The process leads to a more structured you. The kind of you that is more assertive and wise. The kind of you who is more understanding than biased. The kind of you that makes newer mistakes (not fewer). The kind of you that is more forgiving and more accepting. The kind of you that is better.

We can then regret a few choices but live with them knowing that we did what was then our best. And may be then, you would find in your power to love you even when you don’t.


2 thoughts on “Do you like you?

  1. Wonderful articulation. In my 2g i was being impatient to post a comment on your blog right away. I will when I get time. Keep it up! Lots of love :*

    Thanks & Regards, Surbhi Sonkiya

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