To the good ones in my life (I)

the-good-onesSo this post is for my friend Surbhi Sonkiya,

I forgot to wish her for her birthday and I have spoken to every friend of mine except Surbhi herself about this. Now surbhi is the kind of person who makes sure that something amazing is done for the birthday’s of people who matter to her. She is the driving force behind the planning, execution and the celebration. She is the heart and soul of the entire process. This tells you a lot about her as a person as well. She is methodical and thoughtful. She plans for the future and she embodies the “Carpe Diem” motto.

I understand that by forgetting to wish her, I did a mistake. But by continuing to delay the process I have realized that every passing day isn’t really helping the gnawing feeling inside my brain. Had it been someone else, I would have just picked up the phone and called (We live in different continents now and going to her isn’t an option), but its her and I have no ideas about how I can make it up to her. Perhaps I should just pick up the phone and call, I know I am overthinking this. Any suggestions are welcome.


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