The Character Doppleganger of Luna Lovegood


This summer I had the opportunity to meet the non goofy, uber positive and altruistic version of Luna Lovegood. The kind of person who had that aura of “All things happen for a reason, let life shape its course” and who made life seem like this fascinating journey of experiences.

Meeting Juhi and listening to her experiences made me appreciate a very normal day and look at life from a different perspective. She would code with the fascination and interest of a child in a candy store. She could cook with the skill of a seasoned chef. She cared deeply about animals . It was a concern she translated into action. I was amazed to see someone so passionate about a cause. Lukewarm emotion that I probably thrive upon was truly non-existent in her mind.

Experiences make up a person, most often the experiences that have changed me are difficult situations that have put me out of my comfort zone. Juhi was this one beautiful experience translated into a living person.

She made me re-evaluate my priorities in life, made me appreciate the meaning of YOLO and made me realize that happiness was a choice made every day.

I hope you meet your Juhi in life, life becomes more meaningful after it.


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