The journeys

When it comes to the gifted sense of navigation. I am challenged. I understand a place and it’s where abouts only once I have been there and have had the opportunity

to explore. Google maps saying head south east from the CalTrain Station (a miniscule point in the map) was pretty pointless to me yesterday when I desperately needed directions.

But every day is an adventure. Today I sit in an uber, one of the many legs of my journey enroute work. And proudly say I am heading south east toward the light rail station (my uncle explained the concept at great length).

When I board the CalTrain today I ll not have to deal with the 10 one dollar coins given out by the kiosk.  Or rush to get that day pass minutes before the train is leaving.

And here my rant about how well my day is going ends. The driver took a wrong turn, I missed the train that gets me to office early.. Now I ll have to wait for another half an hour.  Well the lesson out of it? Request an uber 15 mins earlier. And pass the driving test! (please God please! )

I have had some pretty major goof ups with public transport in the past.  One day while taking the 522, (a fast bus that takes me home) I managed to go to the other end of the line. I had never imagined that I would be so disappointed seeing Stanford.. Ever.

But the best major goof up was yesterday. I had this old, polite and extremely apologetic lady as my uber driver.  She came really late. She also ended up dropping me to the wrong station (Almaden) after an extraordinarily long ride. But well she was nice and I couldn’t be mean to an old lady!  Next from the wrong station I caught two light rails to reach the one that took me to the CalTrain (Ohlone/ Chenoweth) . And of course I missed my CalTrain.  So instead of waiting for an hour at that station, I decided to go ahead and take the train from a station near my university.  Which I was well acquainted with. Guess the odds of a car having an accident on the tracks of your exact light rail.  Yes an ACCIDENT.  So I was near my university with no clue about how to get to the station. (metro station) so I decided to do the next logical thing.  I went to the bus station. How I reached there is again by the grace of God.  I believe that he was trying to be a bit kind after the marvellous start to my day.
Well so the buses didn’t go there. But luckily I spotted a few of my friends whom I requested to book a lyft ride for me to the metro Stn.
From the metro light rail station I took the free bus to the Santa Clara CalTrain station, waited there for another 20 mins and finally reached my destination (Sunnyvale).
In all the commotion I think I bought the ticket twice.

Sometimes I don’t understand me. As proof when I was thinking about what made me extremely mad (in the final 9 min ride) I realized, it was not the time I wasted or the confusion. I was upset about wearing uncomfortable shoes. ( I took care of that in the evening).

Today as I sit in possibly the same train, 24 hours later. I am so much wiser (trust me,  if you have a question about public transport in San Jose,  I am your girl). I am also wearing extremely comfortable shoes and own a clipper card.

It was the most memorable end to week 1 of work.



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