So much has happened in an year,  that  life at 22 deserves a post.
So without dwelling on the details let me just begin by saying that being an adult, and doing all the planing and thinking for every single aspect of my life is tiring.  Because hey! Yes you get to decide where your life is headed but you also HAVE to figure out the laundry schedule,  a menu for today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow..  Three times a day (And trust me low blood sugar just makes it all worse). In one morning, you ought to finish an assignment,  comply with a deadline, give time to the people you care about,  make things/ yourself tidy and presentable.. Oh the list is never ending. There were times when  things got too overwhelming.  There were other times when the pride of achieving something all by my self was absolutely worth it all.

What I learnt from this year was this.
Yes you don’t know it all. But trust me you can do it.  And within a few days you can do it without thinking.  And well give it a month,  you can do it in your sleep.  Limits are set by us. Try things that seem impossible because they just reiterate this very ideology.  And they make you believe that you need to believe in yourself more often.


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