The new inspiration

What-Makes-Your-Heart-Beat (1)

I love Grey’s anatomy, I love the drama, more importantly there have been those times that have inspired me to “do more and be more”. The last episode began with this speech by Emilia Shepard and it was perfect. Its one of those things that I would like to remember and live by.

Be prepared to lose.

The key though win or lose is to never fail,

and the only way to not fail is to not fight.

Fight till you cant fight anymore.

Hold up your head, enter the arena and face the enemy.

Fight till you cant fight anymore.

Never let go.

Never give up.

Never run.

Never surrender.

Fight the good fight.

You fight even when it seems inevitable that you are about to go down swinging.

Why do we even try when the barriers are so high and the odds are so low?

Why don’t we just pack it in and just go home?

It would be so so much easier!

Its because in the end there is no glory in easy,

no one remembers easy.

They remember the blood and the bones and the long agonizing fight to the top.

That’s how you become legendary.


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