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Orlando Magic John Amaechi 1999
Orlando Magic John Amaechi 1999

I attended a talk by a very interesting man day before yesterday. He inspired the crowd to be proud of the kind of people they were. Here are some of the things I would always want to remember:

1) Know your soul in the dark: If you strip yourself of labels like gender, colour, height, weight, appearance etc, how are you different from the person sitting next to you? What are the things that set you apart? What are the qualities in your favour and what goes against you?

2) Be a Jedi: Do the right thing, every time. Every great thing that happens is a result of small (and seemingly inconsequential) choices.

3) You are a Giant, things you do matter: believe that what you do is important and that it makes a difference to the world you live in.

4) Use your ego to your advantage: Its okay to have a huge ego, its human. Use it to strive for greatness. (and for the common good)

5) A good sense of humour canmake the mundane seem very exciting


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