Things I shall never forget about kerala

  1. 47390-the-natural-beauty-of-kerala-22-the-natural-beauty-of-kerala-22_1920x1080Elaneer Water
  2. The Backwaters
  3. The Sunsets and the Sun rises
  4. The lime
  5. The almost every fruit shake
  6. Sharja and Kulki
  7. Chumma and Rand
  8. The simplicity of people
  9. The Importance of eating healthy
  10. Coconut oil
  11. Krishna thulasi
  12. The “th” in peoples names
  13. The importance of broadening your outlook n life
  14. evils of complacency
  15. The clouds
  16. The stars from my window in room 310(The new hostel)
  17. The coffee to stay awake at night
  18. the studying in the reading room four floors down
  19. The effort to constantly reduce weight every semester
  20. The dressing up on days with no uniform
  21. The times we would sneak out of the hostel to eat out or shop
  22. The trip to ettimadai
  23. The Value of food
  24. Andhra Pickles!
  25. The endless list of series watched
  26. Coconut water for blisters
  27. Green tea
  28. Triphala choorna
  29. Cinamon in every thing sweet
  30. Kidney Stones
  31. Cooking in a kettle(Soup, Maggi,Eggs)
  32. Of life coming a full circle
  33. selfish and saintly people
  34. Not giving a damn about what others thought
  35. Being strong
  36. friends
  37. Giant spiders
  38. Kerala towels
  39. Mangoes in brine
  40. Appam, Puttu,Dosa,Chakka,Unniappam
  41. Chood Vellam(Hot water)
  42. Folding clothes
  43. Online shopping and credit cards
  44. Frugal living
  45. cello gripper
  46. Skipping and surya namaskar
  47. cucumbers and beetroot
  48. Small fish shop near Ayurveda college
  49. Acting for a movie
  50. Responsibility, forethought and planning
  51. The sound of the ocean at night when everyone in the hostel is sleeping.

2 thoughts on “Things I shall never forget about kerala

  1. You forgot to add:
    Chocolate cake from western canteen
    Numerous Splendid moons
    Whistling at guys and running away
    Canteen tea
    Cinnamon Coffee

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