Annual day 2012

I went to my school after a very long time and  was greeted with smiles and hugs which felt genuinely warm and heartfelt. The level of exposure I got in my school was immense, that along with what my mother made of me is “the present me”.

A lot of the experience was bitter but the bad parts make it worthwhile I guess. I looked at the annual day from 3 perspectives the first being the lesson I learnt through a skit.

1] “Girte hain sheh-sawar hi maidain-e-jung mein, Woh tifl kya gire, jo ghutno ke bal chalein” – Azeem Dehalvi. [Only a fighter who rides the horse in a battle field has a chance of falling, But how will those cowards fall who opt to walk on their knees. ]

Falling is a big part of the game and it makes the experience worthwhile .

Well the three perspectives I was talking about are as follows:

1] Parents :

I saw three kinds of parents from the crowd. Personally I had always been on stage as a kid and never knew of the drama in the crowd . Well the first set of parents were the doting ones ,who spotted there children in a group of some 30 odd tweens and applauded their every move.

The second were the kind who criticized the fact that they couldn’t see their kids or said things like the costumes were too stupid or that mosquitoes were biting them.

The third kind were the quite kind of parents who sat back and enjoyed the show, they were not too pushy or overbearing but just happy to be seeing what was put up.

What all of them had in common there was this sense of pride at seeing their kid up there .The sheer fact that impressed me was that so many parents showed up . In an age where we expect things to be instant, they technically wasted 3 productive hours of their lives seeing small and stupid kids wave their hands and move their feet  (asynchronously at that). They clicked pictures from a huge distance and I can vouch on the fact that they wouldn’t have got one decent shot of their kids.

But the very act of being there..of showing up.. of being so immensely proud was so touching and I remembered all the times my mum drove me to and fro to classes .. waited with infinite patience for all insignificant events that seemed so important to me. She was there for me.. She was just there for hours at an end , and I am blessed to have her.



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