The persistently hopeless optimist

GlassHalfFull (1)

I believe in seeing the good in people , I believe in happy endings . I believe that there is magic in everyday , that the mundane is beautiful .. I see poetry in the waves of the oceans .I marvel at the colors on the wings of a butterfly ! I am amazed by clouds and the way trees look .
I love the smell of the night and the crisp freshness of the morning . I feel happy after drinking a glass of chilled lemonade and laugh at most PJ s people don’t find funny .. I can’t take a joke that comes at the expense of my personal pride and I hate being derided . I love things and objects that people don’t think much about ; I don’t judge people on the bases of what other people think of them , I treat them the same way as they treat me . I believe that miracles happen ..
And I believe that happiness is a choice
I don’t think I am naïve or artless .

I think I am open to possibilities no matter how simple or inadvantageous

And if sophistication comes at the expense of my beliefs .. I am better off being crude


3 thoughts on “The persistently hopeless optimist

  1. It is the most beautiful thing about you then, The ability to see light in the most hopeless of situations doesn’t come easily. It comes form persistently being optimistic. It is one thing to see the beauty of the flower in broad day light and yet another to be able to see the same beauty in pitch darkness.

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