The sound of the ocean


Have you ever heard the rumble of the ocean
And what it had to say
For there is the sound of eternity
In its tumultuous waves

It tells us about time
and of each passing day
It tells us about how it was constant
And that no matter how the time
it passes away;

The cold wind caressing the wild spray carries a message,
It says
that each kissed droplet is a cherished moment lived and shared
With the entity who completes them
no matter how small , insignificant or scared.

Loud Rhythmic shushing like a lullabi ..
Hypnotic sounds rash yet mellifluous
The smell of the waves and the gusty cold wind, with salt and spray
Make my heart sway
Because I love the ocean ,
It talks to me .
I can hear all that it has to say.


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