The death penalty


A human being can do everything except resurrection ..medical breakthroughs have made this a near possibility but not to a certainty.

I stand against the death penalty for a myriad of reasons which I shall enlist below.

If one can not give life,i don’t think he has the right to take it either, the judge pronouncing the sentence has blood on his hands, besmirching his conscience;

Even if the act of being just demands the cause with all force and fervor it’s not justified to punish by taking life;

No matter how disgusting the act, the end can’t justify the act.

The only rational reason for this punishment could be to set a precedent..which I agree scare a wrong doer with the thing most prized to him makes complete sense but the quality of life is an equally good deterrent, scare him with the prospect of having a life assured to be filled with shame and disgust,a life that forces repentance and seeks remedy to wrong the right, this I believe shall be more meaningful and justified.

During a trial, how often does the person think about not having done a crime? The major thought that probably lurks in his mind is to find a way out..this is not justice!

Also the prospect of dying might be a horrifying process..but it is short lived and once’s least to the person who is dead. It’s way too easy a punishment in my eyes.

The ones left behind live with the horrors of death, of the enigma which shrouds the transition, and with the doubts of what lies ahead, but the dead just vanish.

A better punishment in my eyes would be of repentance and labour, work to make the wrongs right to however insignificant the degree, and to live with the consequences of your understand your wrongs and the gravity of the crime.

And to better yourself as a person, so that you can make others like you change and do good..this I agree shall require a great deal of effort, time, money and vigilance..but it would be a good thing in the end.

I often talk about reforms for I have seen them and have been through quite a few my self, I don’t know if they make monsters men, but I do know that they change the world for the better.


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