As people we crave for attention and we do many things to make sure that we get some.

There are extremes that employ frantic attempts  often to the level of self mockery, to the ones making use of pity.

But here I would like to discuss the subtle middle, evoked by the unaware category.. The kind of people who dismiss flattery as unnecessary and vain but secretly rejoice the warmth conjured in the heart by it.

The same people who understand that it is nothing more than a lie to please.

We live in a world where opinions matter and flattery no matter how heartfelt or untrue is certainly an opinion that sticks.

It gives you is capable of employing this sense if achievement that definitely acts as a feel good factor.

Well so before we judge our counterparts as attention seeking nit wits lets just examine our self and see that it gives happiness not just to her but also to me.


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