If I were rich..what would I do?

If I were to write this article some years back, my answer would have been simple-I would buy my self a Lamborghini !!

But my years in college have taught me a few lessons that have given me a broader perspective to life.

The first lesson I learnt is that God has been very kind to me;I have seen people in need,not just monetary but needs arising from not being loved enough or not being cared for.

I have seen people who are timid and scared because they were never taught to be any thing other than that;

I have seen lack of exposure to such an extent that I was initially given to believe that these people were just stupid. Here I am not implying that I was the best in the l lot,I came to know about so many things that I lacked, but I knew that these things could be rectified and were not disasters in my personality.

What I concluded from all that I saw was-irrespective of whether I got into money or not,I possessed qualities that could change someone’s life,I could make a difference in the world ;No matter how subtle..a Lamborghini would definitely be an amazing thing to have, but would it really be with it? Wouldn’t helping someone in need be a better way to live and spend??



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