Sunday new paper

Often enough in life one is told the importance of work, of it being the single most important thing in your life, as it defines you as a person. Your ideals your beliefs resonate through your work and your work defines the most of your life. As a student it’s to learn, as an office holder it’s to perform in your area and bring out results, as a house maker it’s to do the best you can every single day and not get tired, I had an interesting discussion with my mum the other day when I found out why people worked, you can like a vacation for a week or a month at max, but after that, you miss routine, you miss the familiarity and the rewards of what you did ; it’s because work makes you experience life through the channel of its expertise you get to know people, you get to know the way they think, you are acquainted with things you eventually fall in love with, it unfolds your world and like most of life’s experiences it’s the most rewarding thing.
To be happy with what you do makes a major part of your life very meaningful and now that most of my friends and I are on the transit of starting our lives! I guess we ought to find our calling.

I once read a poem by Rabindra Nath Tagore which iterated life through the eyes of a child ..the child said that he liked the games he played, but he found his father sad playing the games he had to – like keeping accounts and counting money and at this juncture our teacher explained the paragraph by saying that as kids life is simple for us and when you shoulder responsibilities as an adult, it gets burdensome and tiring..I was so dejected to know that this is what happens to people when they grow up! But now after a few years of being in the transit of becoming “grown up” I think that life is as complicated as you make it, sure, complications come from the most unexpected places and no one voluntarily wants them in their life but they exist and we have to learn how to steer our life around them.
Knowing that it can be done by either making the most of it out or by sulking.

Also the best part about being able to take your own decisions is that you are so exposed to every thing, the good and the bad!

And from my experience the “good” is overwhelming!
The last thing that comes into picture is grace a non believer once, I have come to experience that there is magic in our lives, that little element that looks out for you and makes things happen when you least expect them to.
And for all the things that life has in store for us and more, one can only be thankful.


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