Getting started with Linux – Ubuntu Installation.

perfect for a beginner!

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Hola! amigos. Here we begin with Getting started [Tutorials] with Installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ‘Long Term Support’ a.k.a “Precise Pangolin” which is a very stable OS as compared to other latest versions 12.10 and 13.04.

First we need to download the iso file for Ubuntu 12.04, and don’t worry it’s Free of cost, virus free and many more good things to about it.

Instructions :If you are installing along Windows 8 or UEFI firmware then, follow the steps here.

Steps to follow:

A) Setting up Installation Disc:

I. Download Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit (32-bit being supported by all hardwares.)

Ubuntu can be installed along with Windows by enabling Grub menu or as a single OS for your desktop/laptop.

II. Burn the iso file on a DVD/CD. If you want to burn the image on USB drive then follow the steps given below according to the OS you are…

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