What are the primary security services?

Priya Chalakkal

Following are the primary security features that any security system must offer. The intensity of each feature can be varied based on the application.  The first four features are explained based on a situation where you want to send a confidential message to your friend. A digital signature ensures all of the following (first four) services. Here the message along with its hash is encrypted with the public key of the receiver as well as the private key of the sender. The receiver can decrypt it with the public key of the sender as well as his own private key and check the hash.

1. Confidentiality : Maintaining secrecy. The message must not be seen by anyone else other than your friend. Encrypting the message is one way to ensure confidentiality.

2. Integrity: No tampering. The message send must not be changed by an intruder in between. To detect…

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