Introduction to iptables

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Priya Chalakkal

Our computer encounters a lot of traffic when connected to the Internet. Firewalls are used to control the flow of packets to and from our machines. Iptable is a firewall that is installed in all distributions of Linux machines by default. One can make their system secure by configuring the iptables properly.  Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) is a tool for default firewall configuration set up. This improves the ease of using iptables. But UFW is disabled by default and can be enabled as follows.

Linux machine can be configured as a router. When a new packet arrives at the router, it consults the routing table where it is compared with the stored IP address and destination IP address of the packet. The packet is accepted by the operating system, only if the packet matches with any of the configuration set in the OS. Based on the configuration rules in the firewall as…

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