social etiquette and pretence – a requirement for interaction


I recently met a person who is ostracized by her group is a sad thing actually … but upon interaction , I figured that …everyone has their eccentricities but that apart.. I guess interacting with such basic faults made me realize the complexity of human interaction… on the face of it , there is such a facade calling a blind man blind on the face is rude.. one needs to use fancy words to sugar coat it … and why? because we need it… we need a level of kindness.. we want to be heard and understood .. what we do… no matter how insignificant is important to us we need respect.. we need a booster to our ego.. we need to be needed .. we need to be loved and praised.. Its not intrinsic to survival.. we dont label such things as a dire necessity…but it makes a persn a fine one if he is understanding , well cultured, well groomed,it polishes your crudeness and as an incentive .. expands your knowledge ..It brings a level of understanding in you.

as Dr Brian Weiss says-"understanding harbours fogiveness"

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