Flaming candour in the Eyes of Dark nightsIs it right to be honest despite knowing that by tactfully lying one can get by.

I understand that by doing such a thing, The wrongdoer gains the confidence to do something bigger ; to be able to pull of a lie of a greater magnitude , one doesnt quite know when to draw the line .

But what happened today in class made me think :

I had forgotten to take my exercise book to a class , where it was necessary to take it . But i had taken a friend’s book and re- written my name on it . My bench mate on the other hand confessed to the teacher and was reprimanded in front of the whole class .

The weird part was that she had taken the book from her namesake and could have easily gotten away with it .

What made her tell the truth was her inner conscience

The irony of the incident was that she was made to write an essay on the importance of honesty.

Could a little tact have helped here?

If so then how do we know where to draw the line?

How can we judge how wrong a person is , how can one quatify the magnitude of a crime ?


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