immortals of Meluha

A book worth reading not only because of the mythological interpretation of the scriptures but also because of the way huge and unfair  concepts like labeling people as vikarama (physically disabled cause of having sinned in the past lives) are justified very rationally ;

It beautifully portrays what one man with a will can accomplish if people believe in him(well ..i do agree the belief is ont the verge  of  fanatism  )

It tells us about how one memory can haunt us no matter what we do to redeem ourselves .. but it is up to us to make sure that we do enough to be able to say that i can forgive myself now.

Also the interpretation of  “har har mahadev” as in everybody is an embodiment of the supreme is so aptly timed that while reading i could feel a pulse of energy through me and could truly understood the purpose behind the statement .


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