These vacations i learnt how to drive 😀

Its been a dream to own a car and drive at my whim late at night without being restricted to come back at a certain hour and just drive into the limitless horizon (I do know that there shall come a time when the practicality of the real world will hit me and i shall realize that i am tired and ought to go back home .. but lets take an ideal case)

So now since I am eligible to drive , i got started with learning driving .. and the experience was .. um different ,

It gives me feeling of being grown up and made me realize that all this time when your mum/dad were behind the wheel , the were not enjoying the thrill we get after a game of NFS they were being vigilant and trying to be very alert despite the chaos we made 😀 and that every time thay had a close call and their heart skipped a beat (believe me as a novice it happens more often than you can imagine).. they had their “brave faces” on for us

i know further on driving shall be more of a habit than an experience but i miss the back seat ’cause you can actually enjoy the ride .. cause i miss that beautiful cloud that followed me around


2 thoughts on “Driving

  1. wow..u learning drivingha?? nyc 2 know.. 🙂 even i thot of joining dis tym..bt coz f dis treatment..nthin can b done 4 nw..:-(
    Anywaz..tum jaldi jaldi driving sikho..december mein hum long drive par chalenge..hehe 🙂

    1. he he 😀 we will surely go! as of now u have to stay put and rest tupid !!will happen without a problem .. i ll load the pictures soon (internship is coming to an end)

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