propriety – living bound by space and time

A person is judged by the people around him… labeled as a friend or an enemy ..judgment in itself is based on the beliefs of a person influenced by his surroundings, the people around him,the culture of his place..nothing is wrong .. but not all of it is justified

a liberal environment gives rise to an individual with a broader frame of mind as compared to a conservative counter part .Hence to live in a place with a sense of pride , one needs to understand the idea of right and wrong of the people of the place.. a pity since i have always though that the “right” was universally right ..i can live with the idea of wearing clothes in a particular manner and paying heed to a person’s feelings but the idea of changing beliefs important to you, just because you wish to be seen in good light is something like violating the principles of your being .

Hence to say in a nut shell the idea of propriety in a place”X” is different from that in “y”

but then again .. my perception of things is clouded by my present knowledge.. something that is not complete;

Often things that seem outrageous tend to paint a coat of patience and acceptance around your being if u watch as a silent spectator ,learning from the experience;

After thinking over this piece of writing i came to the conclusion that things happen for a reason.. and the level of their audacity tests you as a person.

here i dont mean to say that one should silently watch the “evils” of their society and sit quiet, i mean to emphasize on the importance of being the change rather than preaching about the same!

Ideas machine


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