In Time

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I am sure that we have all wondered as to when an ordinary fan ceased to be a mechanical invention and  turned into a luxury..and how mass production turned this luxury into a necessity that today is cheap ,indespensible,ignored and ordinary.

Think about a time when the gadgets and ghizmos  of todays world become such ordinary things and people (the inventors) of our day and age become primitive..this is what the wheel of time does I guess and this is how we develop as a civilization.

But then how despite this revolutionary twist in notions and levels of acceptance of social norms,

intrinsic human to human intraction remain the same.

Emotions like love ,compassion ,insecurity ,fear ,faith ,devotion,deciet,bravery remain the same .

Frozen despite the changes brought about by time and space.

Means and mechanisms of expression change no doubt but this is not something that brings a radical change in the emotion behind an expression.

Be it a letter or a text message of the modern times or even a heartfelt talk ..Its like the shift from old english prevelent in modern literature;Despite that, there still exists a timelessness in every sincere modern exchange.

In the end i would like to conclude by saying that only those things remain frozen in time , which have a great deal of earnest effort put into them;Making them valued not just for their utility or ideaology ,but also for their sincerity .. a shining example being the lightbulb- a rather dormant equiptment exemplifying that genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration


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