Seven Pillars of Wisdom rock formation in Wadi...
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To learn and become wiser , is in my opinion the purpose of living;

multifaceted learning is not limited to academics .. On the contrary ,it is accumulation of knowledge through experience (no matter how short or long), observation and reflection.

One has to yearn for improvement to come close to perfection.

know your weaknesses and turn them into strengths ..work on areas that need horning and get better at what you do every day …all this not to please a third party – but yourself in order to find peace and satisfaction in your work something u do every day … bit by bit spending ur life doing the very same thing)

so here is a message to one and all:

ur strengths exist …try to conquer the void that exists to expand your being

make an effort ..cause u know that it is the only thing that keeps you from becoming a better person.

I end with my favourite quote “if something is inevitable, just lay down and enjoy it …and thereafter rise up again forgetting the past. Cause living in the past is like living a dead man’s life… live in the future and conquer the skies!”


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