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Today i talk about what i strongly feel about these days

My concept of god does not involve fanatism, It does not involve in any way any pleasing to allure a migthy power cause to me that is stupidity–the god who created me knows my likes and dislikes and knows me inside out … and knows what kind of a person i m.. knows my vices …cause he created it all in me… life still remains my choice ’cause in the words of Dumbledore-”both good and bad reside in us ,its for us to decide what we want to be”.

i want a great gp… and i know now tht after 6 months of writing this bit of my thoughts.. i have come a long way..things do straighten out eventually and its all for the best, life has its ups and downs allright.. but thts what is the essence of it ..the ROCKBOTTOM   makes you relize that with such a wide world above you to explore, sulking is the worst way to loose time , trying and failing just makes you realize that the path chosen needs to be altered a bit and done over.

The need to prioritize and  know what u want in life:

the need to prioritize makes things clear for u in life … it makes u utilize time at hand in a very good manner… but what if what u think u want is not what is right for u … what if what u want is like doing the worst thing u actually can for ur being?

While leaving out everything that u sometimes wish u had had what if u are leaving out an important part in ur life… and what if devoting to this part may make u feel otherwise?is it worth it?

In my opinion it is ..this is because there can be a 100 things you could have done in life, you chose the one that was wrong, this gave you a concept of what you dont want in life , thus eliminating quite a number of choices revolving around it..also the experience made you learn ,irrespective of the fact that one didnt made you stronger and long for what you wanted to achieve in the first place..makin the path clearer if nothing else.

why are material needs so profound? Why a gr8 phone when u hav a gr8 one already?

the profoundity of material needs never leaves us at all

if i hav this … i want this and that … i know its basic human instinct..and i dont know why i am even writing about it …but since i am i want every one to know that it is not necessary to b having everything new creates millions of tons of waste …garbage as i heard today is not use less but used less and thus discarded which is the truth.. i dont know if it is attachment that makes me say this but … wont ur old phone feel bad when ur new phone comes to know that its gonna go to the dumps!

I hate it when ppl preach !

I just completely hate it

u cant tell me what to do and make me work on ultimatums cause that brings about extensive negative feelings in me… i want to be free. . One can suggest and stop at that … i feel strongly about being free u know… as human beings in my opinion god gave us a right to choose … working inside a guideline is excellent since it tells u the do s and donts … but these very do s and donts should not become constricting forces that bind and make us unhappy… a choice should lie in my own hands


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