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A persons material needs are not very profound ; Clothing,food,water,shelter and minimilistic comfort is a necessity but what we observe today is a world of consumerism revolving around a man’s endless pursuit of finding happiness in accumulation.

What brought about this intense need …lets rewind to a period 10,000 years before, we have through archaeological evidence that things were quite developed ,there existed cities with sofisticated drainage and plumbing ; people had families ,jewellery ,beautiful pottery,houses and all their needs were catered to.

One didnt need a car or a plane to go to and fro..

Mobiles didnt exist , computers didnt either , but people still had a good life rich with experiences and luxuries;

what ignited the need of consumerism in the modern world , was most definitely the industrial revolution!

The conveyer belt most certainly proved that consumeristic happiness can be catered to in bulk and time and manpower can be greatly reduced in doing a common activity!


Because man wished to utilize his energies in pursuit of higher conquests ..women were liberated through washing machines and had more time for themselves catering to needs they had never had the time to consider ..

today the same women go to the mall to get out of depression to get that exuberant thrill of owning a dress or cool shoes !its funny how human intellect  can revolutionize the world and bring about a change so dramatic that it can change the course of generations to come … i m not against change.. i m very happy to be born in the present day and age  … i just want people to realize the worth of all that they have , appreciate it and use it to the best of their capabilities 🙂 . Cause believe it or not , man has made enough “time” through his crafty ghizmos and gadgets to make sure that he can do what he really wants to !! yet getting entangled in these handy wonders leads to the excuse of “preoccupation and no time”(take your cell phone as an example).This is irony at its best!


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