A Mobile Menace

Statistically India boasts some 812m mobile subscribers. According to Gartner, a market-research outfit, in 2013 Indians will send almost 192 billion text messages.”Wherewhere you go ..Whatever you see, man and mobile , you are sure to be”.

Ranging from a vegetable vendor to the reliable Ambanis..the modern mobile is omnipresent .

And with such a vast market .. exploitation of the naive masses is like stealing candy from a kid, with the number of telecom companies being in plenty and their shear share of markets bieng in figures of a million(and expanding).Let me start with my own experiences:

whenever i see my mobile phone..the one thing i figure out is the fact that some amount of balance is missing..and then follows the long and tedious process of calling a customer care executive , filling a complaint, keeping a calm composure despite a recital of their rehearsed apologies which seem more like an obligation to them rather than a sincere effort..now i am not generalizing the staff of a call center..i understand what they might have to go through in a day but …the entire monotonous process is frustrating! That too when one could spend their time way more productively..


And mind you the new DND service is not too big a help…  it is  an improvement(and thank God for it ) but  not a fool-proof method of keeping such  a nuisance at bay.

What really made me think about this situation was the time when our elated maid at home came up with her phone and told me -“look mini i have a song instead of the usual “tring-tring””.

but when she came to know that she was charged every month for a stupid song that played on her phone through her hard earned money(without her consent)..she was enraged !! and this gave her the explanation as to why her balance was zero every third day!

The poor thing didn’t even know what to do about it..i spoke to the customer grievances on her behalf and gave them a clear idea as to how this illiterate lady , earning just enough to feed her children was being exploited by telecom giants like theirs , and believe me she had close to 7 self renewing packs like monthly GPRS, love tips , astrology4u ..etc subscribed!

Imagine the humongous number of such people in our country and the profits extracted from them!

While providing a service, such people should not be treated like non living entities ! but as real people with real problems.

i wish a more humane system of doing fair business could emerge


2 thoughts on “A Mobile Menace

  1. True. Happened with me a lot, got few refunds but still it came back to doom me. This is the reason why it is recommended to keep the balance below 10rs just like everyone usually have 🙂 😛

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