Pristine Childhood


Today in softskills class we were told to choose from two topics to speak on – everybody on my team wanted to speak on a topic related to i went with the flow, we were supposed to prepare a speech but i decided to go ahead with a poem, i didnt score to high with respect to marks… but the poem marked that special time that one remembers always in life ;I didnt feel sad on missing out the marks part one bit cause the poem meant the world to me it goes like this:


I wish to be the president

or an astronaught..or a resident

of the stars and the moon up high!

For i can achieve anything in the world ..

i have wings to fly!

I hop and run and squeal with pleasure

by just looking at a bird’s nest

cause to me life is a wonderful treasure

chasing happiness is my quest

manipulation and deceit were unimaginable traits

and in retrospect the past seems simple and gay

who knew life would take such an uphill path

with only specs of joy after mountains of dismay

i never thought there will be people i ‘d loose

i wish i could freeze time!

an undo the things i want to erase

not going through the uphill climb

i don’t wanna go back to the time…i just pray to see

that these things make a good person out of me


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