Truthfully as a person i advocate gender equality and feel very strongly that in today’s day and age , one needs to understand that “-what a man can do is what a woman can too” .Here i don’t distinguish between muscle might that many a men possess compared to a womans feminine fragility … cause i know many women who are well capable of defeating a man in combat …personally i m not such a woman…and don’t think that muscle might is a suitable criterion to judge any persons ability.

All i wish to convey is that there is no one inferior or superior ;Cause human beings can move mountains if they put in enough handwork and intellect irrespective of their gender.

Traditionally a woman was expected to be a house maker- which mind you is a herculean task by itself ..it was what was expected of them, and if anybody did anything otherwise, they were sure to be labeled as an outcast.But history is witness to the fact that whenever adversity struck it was these woman who took charge of the world outside their home, strived hard for an honest living and fended for themselves and their children; The world wars can prove this fact because when men were out at war..their families back home still ate ;Despite the head of the house being missing , and mind you not all were fortunate enough to have had family fortunes to provide for them either.

Hence i hate the men who proclaim that man was born to lead or that it was necessary to be a man to be worthy enough for procuring something . I wish to tell these men that without their mothers they would be non-existent. So why not encourage the same women to go ahead and chase their dreams? to work hard and contribute towards making this world a better place?

A little faith in the fact that a woman can manage beautifully and open mindedness is all i ask from all male chauvinists.. and in case women cant manage who else could give them enough strength to make ends meet, than an honorable man who understands the kind of pressure the “outside world” could create?

kudos to all mothers ,sisters and females for doing such a fine job and all the supportive men out there who are wise enough to support them!


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